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Step One:
Determine the
Root Cause

CESSI’s certified consultants have years of experience analyzing workplace ergonomic issues, risk factors, and determining the root cause. We can thoroughly audit your entire company or specific departments. We also provide assessments for individual employees, whether they are at the business site, in a home office, or working from a virtual location.

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Step Two:
Recommend Appropiate Solutions

Once the root cause of an issue is determined, our ergonomic consultants then recommend the appropriate workplace modifications and help you understand the best ergonomic equipment solutions for your business. All of CESSI’s recommended solutions include an array of only the highest quality ergonomic products.

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Step Three:
Provide Education
and Training

We want you to get the most out of our recommendations. That’s why we provide education and training for you and your staff. Our General Management Orientation Seminars explain the benefits of our applied ergonomics process. And our Employee and Supervisor Training gets everyone on board with creating a safe and healthy work environment.

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Our customers have told us time and again that following this three-step process has yielded the best ergonomic results for their individual employees, as well as for their entire company. Contact us today, and see the difference CESSI can make for you.

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For over 30 years, CESSI Ergonomics has been making workplace and remote environments safer and more comfortable - from offices to manufacturing facilities, police stations to military bases, government buildings to healthcare clinics, doctor offices and your home office.

We serve our customers through a proven, comprehensive three-step solutions base process that sets us apart in the ergonomics industry.

  1. Ergonomic specialists determine the root cause of individual workplace issues.
  2. Our professionals recommend appropriate solutions, and, as needed, only the highest quality ergonomic products. 
  3. Education and training is provided to help you or your company get the most from your ergonomic investment.

Time and again we’ve found this three-step process has yielded the best ergonomic RESULTS for our customers – improved employee health, safety, productivity and a better bottom line for you!  Contact us today, and see the difference CESSI can make!

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