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General Management Seminars

Training Gen Mgmt SemDeveloping and managing a successful Ergonomics Program requires commitment from top management teams. Objectives should be clearly defined, understood and communicated to the organization so ergonomics becomes part of the business culture.

Steps involved:

  • Commitment goals of management to its people
  • Management promotion for a healthier workforce
  • Encouraging employee commitment and loyalty
  • Improvements in sustainable productivity gains
  • Reduction in workers compensation costs
  • Fostering change as business, technology and its people evolve


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Managing an Ergonomic Process

Training_Managing Ergonomic Process

Managing an Ergonomics Committee with key employees requires team-driven collaboration. Ergonomic standards and compliance training is imperative for those who are selected to develop policies and procedures for their company.

Steps involved:

  • Developing an ergonomic program customized for your business
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Signs and Symptoms
  • Methods of job task analysis
  • MSD reporting and recording
  • Making reasonable accommodations to correct the job hazard
  • Selection of ergonomic equipment modifications
  • Program evaluation to determine control of risk factors


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Ergonomic Team Employee Evaluators

Training_Ergo Team Evaluators

This program provides an interactive format designed to expand ergonomic knowledge and develop self-sufficient ergonomic team evaluators to handle ergonomic assessments, employee education, implement corrective actions and provide a safer workplace environment. Participants learn to evaluate employees’ discomfort issues, make appropriate ergonomic equipment recommendations and provide follow-up result assessments.

Steps involved:

  • Performing a workplace assessment
  • Identifying at risk awkward work postures
  • Neutral posture training for employee being assessed
  • Considering workstation design and layout
  • Providing workplace equipment recommendations
  • Reducing exposure to workplace hazards
  • Measuring control of risk factors


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Training_ErgonomicsErgonomics 101

Businesses are very wise to provide ergonomic training for their employees.  When people understand the association between discomfort in the workplace and the types of awkward body postures they assume to do their work, they feel empowered to make positive changes for their improved health.

Steps Involved:

  • Introduction to ergonomic principles         
  • Interrelation and placement of working tools
  • Benefits of good workplace ergonomics
  • Effects of poor workplace ergonomics
  • 4 crucial points for workplace set-up
  • Solutions to workplace discomfort issues
  • Employee responsibility for personal working methods


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Employee Education & Training

Training_Employee Education

This unique program is created to address the specific type of office furniture, chairs and computer components your employees use daily.  The majority of your workforce are not sure how to adjust their chairs properly for their stature, arrange their workstations for immediate reach work zones or understand which levels are appropriate for keying, mousing and viewing the monitor.

Steps involved:

  • Neutral posture training
  • Learning about the hows and whys of chair adjustments
  • Setting up your computer components on center-line
  • Principles of keying and mousing levels, placement and wrist support
  • Understanding how high and far your monitor should be placed for vision issues
  • Reference document management
  • Benefits of good workplace ergonomics


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Personal Protection Equipment for Office Environments


In industrial and manufacturing facilities Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is required for all workers to use which aids in preventing injuries.  Office management employees may not be aware that there are also ergonomic compliance standards for offices too. Learn how your company can provide workplace adjustability modifications to meet current ergonomic standards. 

Steps involved: 

  • Ergonomics is both individual and application specific
  • Office ergonomics neutral working postures
  • Accommodating a broad range of workers
  • 4 crucial points for workplace set-up
  • Identifying ergonomic risk factors in offices
  • Selection of ergonomic equipment modifications
  • Providing ergonomic workplace and equipment training for employees

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