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Ergomat ergonomic anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide the most comfortable standing working position possible. The patented surface profiles of the mats stimulate circulation the feet, legs and lower back to increase productivity and worker moral, decrease sick leave and workers' compensation claims and substandard production due to operators' lack of concentration due to fatigue.

Ergomat offers the longest warranties available with 12 years / 24 hour use with the Infinity Bubble and 8 years / 24 hour for the AB Classic Bubble. Nitril rubber mats provide a 3 year / 24 hour warranty. A number of warranty options are available to meet your budget needs.

The variety of mats in the Ergomat family insure we are able to provide optimal solutions for specific industries and working conditions including manufacturing, health care, food processing and wet / oily environments.

Please contact Cessi today at 1-800-BUY-ERGO (289-3746) to speak with our anti-fatigue professionals about the correct mat for your environment and for any custom shape or size needs.

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