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Electric Sit to Stand Desks

Cessi Ergonomics has been providing sit to stand workstations to our customers since our inception in 1991. We have learned through experience and partner studies with our clients that incorporating height adjustable desk technologies reduces workplace discomforts while also increasing productivity. Our large variety of executive and standard workstation sizes, shapes, configurations and adjustment methods insures that theses desks can fit into the available space while providing the surface space for your working needs. We also offer height adjustable base only options to reuse your existing worksurface for cost reduction.

Electric sit to stand workstations allow you to vary your work position throughout the day. Research has shown that the intradiscal pressure in seated working positions can be nearly 50% greater than in an upright standing position. Studies also show that employees that use both a seat and standing position throughout the work day, their spinal compression is lessened. Studies with Cessi customers have also shown increases of up to 19% in employee productivity due to the ability to vary their work position during the day.

Please contact our stand up desk professionals to help determine which standing solution is best for your office!

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