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Ergonomic Assessments


All of the office, home and virtual employee ergonomic assessments listed below use the following analytical methods to solve employees’ workplace challenges:

  • Detects hazards and stressors in a broad range of work activities
  • Analyzes biomechanical actions and postures of the worker and determines priority levels
  • Designs the workplace ergonomics to adjust and take advantage of the body’s strengths
  • Incorporates employee ergonomic training and support services
  • Recommends ergonomic product solutions that offer flexibility for all employees

On-site Office Ergonomic Assessments

Service Assessment

Select which level of analysis detail is needed for your company’s ergonomic needs:

    Workman Compensation Cases and Medically Diagnosed Injuries
    Detailed individual employee biomechanical analysis by task and workstation layout
    The ergonomic evaluation findings provide detailed biomechanical information, photographs depicting ergonomic risks, and suggested actions that could be implemented to reduce risk exposures.

    Consultation Time: 1 hour for employee interview and observation

    Reported Discomfort Signs and Symptoms
    Evaluation of employee’s discomfort issues, work methods and workplace components
    Recommendations are proposed to improve the person's working postures, and to determine the best course of action needed to improve the workplace and reduce discomfort. 

    Consultation Time: 30-45 minutes for employee interview and observation

    Proactive Review of Workstation Component Layout
    A profile for an employee’s workstation layout and the worker’s interaction with that design
    The ergonomic overview identifies primary work flow issues and any shortcomings of existing workstation equipment.

    Consultation Time:  20 minutes for employee interview and observation


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Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

Call UsThis custom analysis coordinates the worker with their computer components, job requirements and home furnishings. Some people work at home several days a week while for others - a home office is their only office, 9 to 5. It doesn’t matter if you use a home office for just a few hours a week or eight hours a day. A home office is a designated workplace and should be designed for comfort and efficiency in mind.

Steps involved:

  • Ergonomic evaluation of home office workstation layout and work flow
  • Positioning of PC keyboard or laptop keyboard
  • Height and distance placement of flat panel monitor(s) or laptop screen
  • Reference document management and placement
  • Home office chair adjustment capabilities
  • Neutral posture training
  • Solution recommendations for improved home office comfort


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Virtual Employee Assessments

Call UsOur unique online ergonomic eValuations provide ergonomic support for off-site employees. Many organizations are using computer and telecommunication technologies to extend its capabilities by working with employees or contractors located throughout the country or the world. Using e-mail, faxes, instant messaging, data and videoconferencing allows companies to broaden their communication resources to with separate office environments and remote employees.

Steps involved:

  • A digital ergonomic workplace eValuation form is completed and emailed by the virtual employee
  • Remote workers can report discomfort concerns and attach pictures of their working postures
  • The employee’s working posture, discomfort issues and workplace ergonomics are analyzed
  • Ergonomic workplace modifications are recommended for improved virtual employee biomechanics
  • The employee’s supervisor receives an emailed ergonomic assessment report promptly
  • Purchasing, installation and adjustment training of product solutions can be done through cessi.


eValuations: $175.00

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